About Us

Who We Are

The success of any company starts with exceptional leadership as well as innovative and seasoned management. Magnum Property Management has assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced associates.

  • Photo of Dan Moore
    Dan Moore
    • Dan makes sure that every client that he has the honor of working with benefits from his extensive experience, in-depth local real estate knowledge and unmatched passion for helping others realize their goals. He has 30 years of experience with selling and leasing single family homes, condominiums, 55+ communities, bank-owned properties, short sales as well as commercial and industrial real estate. Since 2007, Dan and his team have sold over 1,275 homes in Riverside County averaging almost 100 homes sale per year. Dan is in charge of finance and administration of the company.
  • Photo of Joshua Sutton
    Joshua Sutton
    Marketing Manager
    • Joshua is an Arizona Native, moving to California in 2014 when he became a licensed agent. As product marketing manager for Magnum Realty Group, Joshua is responsible for understanding customer requirements and market trends, driving development of go-to-market strategies, development of market positioning, and ongoing communications with customers and partners.
  • Photo of Ana
    Ana Archundia
    Property Manager
    Habla Español
    • Ana is a licensed Real Estate professional with over 9 years of extensive leasing, sales and property management experience. She is always happy to help all prospective renters/tenants through the leasing process. Her knowledge in current market value will help our homeowners get the best return possible on their investment

Who We Serve

Landlord/ Owner Clients

Magnum Property Management provides full-service property management services for single family homes, condos, and small apartment buildings. We understand that our clients would much rather be “Property Investors” or “Property Owners” rather than “Property Managers,” so they can have that extra free time for their personal lives. From our custom rental reports to our detailed inspection systems, Magnum Property Management cares for your property as if it were our own.

Our comprehensive, web-based system allows investors secure 24/7 access to customized property management reports that provide critical data such as occupancy rates, average rents, maintenance costs and other key measurements on properties. Investors can also reduce time spent managing multiple properties across several geographical regions and improve communication and operational efficiency.

Our numerous proprietary software programs were designed to be fully integrated with the various roles of a professional property manager. Our ongoing training and education has one goal – to ensure that our staff members can effectively and efficiently serve our clients at all times. Click here to learn more. Magnum Property Management office nearest you and the Broker/Agent of that office will be glad to set an appointment with you.


We have been helping individuals, families and businesses find residences for close to 15years. Serving hundreds of rental properties throughout the Inland Empire, we have the means to meet your varying needs; from single-family homes in economical or upscale neighborhoods to small apartment and multi-unit buildings available for rent. Every year thousands of residents depend on Management One for their housing needs.


We have been helping Investors acquire great properties for their investment portfolios for over 30 years. But we go a step above and beyond most real estate companies... we counsel our Investors on how to create a Single-Family Home Retirement Strategy (SFHRS). We’re much more than just a Real Estate Broker or just a Property Management company. We are Real Estate Investment PlannerPlanner who have helped our investors develop substantial Real Estate portfolios with significant cash flows. Being in the property management business puts us in the driver’s seat to recognize which properties have the greatest cash flow opportunities and which have the greatest opportunity for appreciation. We offer our Real Estate Investment Planning (REIP) services to both our current clients and new investors as well.

License Affiliates

After decades of continuous development of our tools, training, and systems, we made the decision to offer these competitive advantages to other far-sighted and forward-thinking property management professionals. We chose “Licensing” as the perfect business strategy to accomplish this. Licensed businesses always have had and continue to have a significant positive impact on our economy and our system has afforded those business owners and the clients they serve significant competitive advantages in their respective industries. Businesses that choose our platform of systems and software to help them grow and succeed enjoy numerous benefits by virtue of the time-tested systems, the professional marketing tools and the ongoing education and training.

Management One has all of these and more and is partnering with astute property managers who recognize that the industry is changing rapidly and that they want to participate in leading that change. Building a brand name image in a very fragmented industry has proven to be very advantageous for many franchisees in numerous industries and it’s proving so for Management One licensees, also. Having the support of a talented and experienced management team as well as the support of other licensees is extremely critical and beneficial, particularly during challenging times like these. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You have a “team” behind you, standing ready to provide you with the necessary assistance to help you provide the best possible services to your clients. So, if you’re looking for new ideas to increase the effectiveness of your marketing, to increase the results of your new client prospecting, to modernize your software systems with functional and effective applications and to grow your company’s brand awareness and image, make a positive decision to look into what Magnum has to offer.